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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 18, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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for lent. gwen, i gave up complaining and i'll last through easter. it's an eye-opener the little complaints everyone makes in an average day. >> that's it for us. she gave up -- lent is over and easter is sunday. >> i'm in today for shepard smith. when it comes to ukraine the diplomas say they immediate a deal but russian supporters don't see to be in on the deal. >> the south korean ferry can't whose about sank with hundreds on board. will he go to jail? one year ago police in watertown, massachusetts, helped take down the accused boston bombers. today you'll hear from the police chief about what he calls the proudest day every and this year why he will run the boston marathon. all that and a lot more ahead here on the fox news deck.
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>> the deadliest day in the history of the world's highest mountain. an avalanche tearing down the slopes of mt. if vest, killing 12, four others missing. the disaster struck at 6:30 in the morning on the himalayan peaker in the border of nepal and tibet. climbing guides, sherpas, were laying ropees when it happen. the avalanche hit right below camp 2 where the climbers start their journey to the top of the world, between one and two is where the avalanche occurred. right now there are hundreds of people waiting below base camp for a shot at the summit. that might happen in two weeks. now, before today the biggest single day disaster on everest happened in may of 1996. eight pipe died after a storm strapped teams near the peak. that was in the best-selling
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book "into thin air." the entire 1996 climbing season is considered the deadliest in mt. everest to date, until today. 15 people died during that spring. today's avalanche may top that with a single blow. we'll get to steve live on this with more. good afternoon to you. what are the latest numbers as we understand them now? >> right now the numbers stand at 12 confirmed dead. al of those sherpas and nepali people usedded a guides. those bodies pull from the snow and ice today, but the toll could go up as the day goes on. we have an eye witness account from a florida attorney, jeff brown. the audio isn't so good. he is calling from 20,000 feet from a base camp but gives you a flavor of this unfolding tragedy. >> i'm here at base camp. hiking.
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>> you have confirmed deaths at 12 but you heard brown mention anywhere from 15 to 18 bodies. there's still several people missing so the number could go up through the day. a rescue operation i underway using helicopters and climbers on foot. >> there were hundreds waiting at base camp. is overcrowding an issue here, too many climbers. >> in the past overcrowding has been a factor. does not appear to be the case this time. the government of nepal has taken steps to manage the flow of climbers better. they put security in some base camps as well. so they've taken steps but have to balance it out with the boost to the tourist industry that depends on this two-month climbing season, which has
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gotten off to a tragic start with the sherpas playing the heaviest price. >> a lot of revenue for that country. thank you for that. want to bring in now world class climber mountaineer ed bester. he helped rescue some of the stranded climbers in 1996 and you can see the video from his trek in the eye max video. he is the only american to have climbed all 14 of the world's tallest mountains and, ed, by telephone, good day to you. >> hi, how is it going. >> i'm fine. how tricky at 21,000 feet to anticipate or even prevent an avalanche? >> well, the area that the sherpa were traveling through is known as the ice fall, and it's an extremely dynamic and high-risk area, put it's a section of the climb that we have to go through many, many times during an expedition, and
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the fact the ice can break and cause avalanches is completely unpredictable. you try to move through asaphia as you can. you don't want to linger. sometimes sadly you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and that what happened today. >> the sherpas were doing advance work, right? setting lines for others when they would try to come in the first part of may. >> what the sherpa do, besides fixing the ropes they're carrying loads of equipment necessary to support all the camps above. so there's typically large groups of sherpa that go early in the morning, leave base camp loaded with food and equipment they're carrying to the next camp, and they happened to be together in this group of sherpa, 14, 15, 16 people, and again, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, and one of these large ice blocks that is very typical in the ice falls, decided to cut loose and
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buried them. >> we're dealing with this point on the planet, ed issue is something like this inevitable? >> you know, its and it isn't. when you climb everest, especially the ice falls, the risk within the ice fall is unpredictable and you can't control it. if you decide to be in the ice fall, you simply accept the fact that something could can go wrong. you don't hope it happens, you don't want it to happen, but it's part of the game, part of the risk you have to accept. otherwise you choose not to go. >> you have stood on that mountain seven times. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> looks like the deal to calm the crisis in ukraine could be dead after only one day. the pro-russian fighters who took over buildings across eastern ukraine says there are no way they'll give those buildings back until ukraine's western-backed government
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resigns, steps down. secretary of state john kerry helped negotiate the agreement between ukraine and moscow that called for them to leave the buildings. up in of that has happened. the white house warned that russia faces more punishment if it does not stand down soon. leland is live. >> president obama's skepticism over this deal bringing an end to the crisis was very well placed. earlier today we headed out to where those pro-russian separatists have taken over the regional parliament building, and it was a, shall we say, very interesting sight. >> the men guarding this building say they're willing to give their lives rather than hand over control to the ukrainian government again, and trying to retaining the main parliament building here would be one heck of a identifying.
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not -- heck of a identifying. they have armed the entrance with barbed wire, and barricades and say they're not going back until the have chance at their own republic. right now, the russian government is probably the one who we are looking to the most to see what is going to happen. in the past president vladimir putin said he reserves the right to use his military to come into eastern ukraine, and obviously there is a lot of russian troops along the eastern ukraine border there, inside of russia. the russian intelligence services are providing support, if not perhaps controlling the russian separatist movement. the ukrainian government is walk agitprop. they do not want to give into the pro-russian separatisted and give away this part of eastern ukraine. there's a lot of residents that want to remain part of the government elm the government is welling to offer concessions but they're careful not to send in ukrainian army or security services against these separatists, trying to take back
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the building by force, for fear that will give russia a pretext to send those troops across the border here and into eastern ukraine. back to you. >> we'll see who makes the next move. eastern ukraine. >> april showers, get serious, folks. heavy rain in store for parts of the country, up to half a foot in some areas. we'll show you where and when. on this easter weekend coming up. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom.
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the captain of the ferry that sank off south korea is now in custody and might soon be facing charges. prosecutors today asked a court to issue arrest warrants for the captain and two other crew members. we told you yesterday the coast guard officials say the captain was one of the first people to abandon the ferry entirely. now there's word he also left an inexperienced crew member at the he. before the ferry started sinking. >> a high school vice principal in charge of hundreds of students onboard has apparently committed suicide. officials say they found his body hanging from a tree and tell us he left a note saying he felt guilty for being alive when so many of the students were missing. the ferry is now entirely underwater. divers say they finally made their way inside but they have not found any survivors. officials say murky water and strong tides are making things difficult. three ships also arrived to begin pully the ferry out of the water. that may take at least a month.
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officials say 28 people confirmed dead. 270 others still listed as missing. also yesterday we noted that text messages from the missing student to their parents, hundreds of them as everything was happening in real-time, south korean media reports the messages were all fake, and that records show no student used his or her cell phone since well before the ferry started flipping. police say whoever sent those messages could face criminal charges. >> the southeast getting slammed with severe weather. going to be a rough weekend. part0s florida, georgia, andball, can expect heavy rain and potential flashflooding tomorrow. let's look at the wall. some area might get four inches of rain. parts of florida, they might get six inches of rain, and if that happens that would be more than double florida's average rainfall for the entire month of april. chief meteorologist in our extreme fox weather center.
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good afternoon to you. what we tell us about the storms. >> a big disturbance moving slowly and that's why the rainfall totals are going to be extreme. you can see very heavy rain across georgia and then there's a severe side to this, some very strong winds and thunderstorm watch in effect north of fort meiers and -- meyers and daytona. probably 50 to 60 miles-per-hour winds, especially the leading band. if you're in florida, not just the rain but also the severe weather, and this is kind of that bull's eye where we'll see the severe weather today. not a big tornado threat today but a very heavy rain, the flooding with this, and the wind will cause power outages. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> we are only days away from the boston marathon this year some of the officers who helped track down the beening suspect are marking the day in a very special way. you will hear from one of them in a moment. also, moments away from the
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>> this 'er's boston marathon days away and you can expect emotions to be as high as security. this time some of the police officers who have captured the boston bombing suspects will be running in the marathon. among them, watertown chief of police,ed wade devoe, he and his team worked with federal agents during the chaotic manhunt for the suspects that lasted 24 hours, and one of the suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev.
12:19 pm
died in gun battle with his officers. they captured his younger brother hours later. and joining boston's bravest will be thousands of other runners including a number of people who ran last year. watertown's police chief is my guest now live out of massachusetts. how are you, chief? good day to you. >> i'm doing great. thank you for having me. >> how well do you remember in the middle of the night one year ago when you received a phone call. flush and there were explosions and bottoms all around your fellow officers. >> right. got woke -- woken up, and they said they think they killed the m.i.t. police officer. >> that sean collier, age 26. you had a harrowing nothing but you stopped the terror that gripped your town, and now you come to monday, chief, and you have an experience that you and no one else has gone through before.
12:20 pm
how different will monday be do you think? >> it's going to be incredible. it's just patriot day is a big day in boston. the marathon is a big deal and this year will be the biggest and best ever. >> you have run three times and you're doing something special on monday, too. right? >> well, we're going out to the starting line with 11 of my officers and we'll run the race along with the other 37,000 people and be at lest a million people lining the start to the finish. quite a day in boston. >> a million people. are you concerned about keeping this year safe? >> i think law enforcement has planned almost for 12 months. i've been part of those meetings. i've seen, talked to the people that are doing that. i think this will be the safest marathon. we encourage everybody to come out. last year they tried to take away our marathon. this year we're going to show them what boston is all about.
12:21 pm
>> you have run the race three times, though. but in order -- you had to write an essay, and they accepted your essay and gave you a bid and you really did not expect that. what did you write your essay? what was your message? >> i just talked about the experience, of how proud i was of the men and women of the watertown police department to stand up to these two terrorists and defend not only watertown but the entire country. they wanted to kill more people, and it was my police officers that stopped them. i want to represent them on monday. >> there's a race in your town tomorrow, right? and the name of the race is called, unlocked, because for days people were told to stay inside, chief. >> right. last year, tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of the lockdown, and we're going to have a 5k road race through the streets of watertown to unlock watertown and welcome everybody back and enjoy the streets of watertown again? >> how is the neighborhood now?
12:22 pm
>> they're doing okay. i think -- plug my police department together and brought the community back together. we're a lot stronger. we to -- those terrorists tried to knock us done but we got up. we're a lot stronger for it. >> you showed america a lot, frankly. do you ever think about the tsarnaev brothers? if so, what comes to mind? >> i really don't. what i think about is jeff baumann and all the other survivors we have pep time -- spent time with. jeff will be in the race tomorrow. jeff, who owned the boat will be there. those are the people i want to be around. that's who the people of boston want to talk about. the survivors that are so strong and have come through so much. >> chief, congratulations to you. i know there's got to be a lot of anticipation. do you think about getting to tuesday, to complete the cycle, to complete the circle of recovery? >> i think so.
12:23 pm
i think we want to get through tomorrow, the marathon on monday, and then i think the whole city will rest for a day on tuesday. we'll catch our breath. it has been a very long year for all of us. >> good luck, chief. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be there on monday. fox news uurgent. space x will engage in another supply mission to the international space station. the launch originally scheduled for monday but a healum leak forces them to scrub that. stormy weather in the area but looks like mother nature will not let that happen this time. no astronauts onboard but some 5,000 pounds of supplies including food and space suit and materials for astronauts to make some important repairs in space. a backup computer outside the
12:24 pm
space station failed a week ago so astronauts have to conduct a space walk to replace that. phil keeting is live in our south florida newsroom. phil, no run of the mill launch today, now, is there? >> no. this put your everyday cargo trip to the space station. this launch in particular could really revolutionize the way space travel is done in the future. first, the weather, the last couple of hours, dramatically improved, just a couple of minutes ago space x did the round-rob buns. everybody saying green for go. so we're looking good for one minute from now with the dragon, the 5,000 pounds of cargo on board, if all goes with the capsule will rendevous with the space station sunday morning. first, a huge test for space x. instead of trashing the rocket into the ocean as is historically the case, space x will bring the rocket back down to the water in a slow
12:25 pm
controlled landing, coming down vertically, feet first, as it has done repeatedly and successfully on previous tests. the idea here is to dramatically reduce the amount of millions of dollars it costs in space travel. something the team really believe will revolutionize the way space travel is conducted. >> it will. i tell you, that is -- if they can accomplish that, that's the next big step forward. here's nasa control at cape canaveral in florida. >> six, five, four, three, two, one, and liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket. and dragon. space x3 is underway. and american commercial spacecraft launching from u.s. soil makes a special delivery of new science and technology to the international space station.
12:26 pm
>> propulse are -- propulsion is knock mall. >> 35 seconds into flight. >> 45 seconds into the mission. >> 1:13 after liftoff falcon 9 will reach supersonic speed.
12:27 pm
>> fallphone propulse -- propulsion is nominal. >> fall -- falcon 9 passing through the area of dynamic pressure. 1:45 seconds after liftoff. >> t-plus 110 seconds. altitude, 2400 kilometers. >> vehicle is flying down to nominal. main engine cutoff expected at 2:41. 2:15 seconds into night now.
12:28 pm
-- into flight now. >> t plus 2:30. vehicle 63-kilometers altitude. speed, 1.8-kilometers per second. downrange system, 55-kilometers. >> so far so good for nasa. a beautiful sight in florida. a lot of concern whether you could hit the weather window and they did just that. so, the astronauts, the cosmonauts on the space station get a fresh set of supplies, a new computer and they'll get up and running in the days to come. and phil want skiing the monumental time for space exploration. if that rocket can come back to earth and land on the legs, that well be something. >> want to get back to russia. vladimir putin broadband off punishments from the west.
12:29 pm
what will it take to get the russian leader's attention. we'll talk about a presidential adviser and also show you how christians around the world are marking one of the holiest days of the world. a monster earthquake. how hard and the damage it left behind. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker.
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>> here's the fox report. more headlines. investigators say they've caught the guy responsible for a series of highway shootings around kansas city. the 27-year-old faces felony charges in connection with a dozen shootings that hurt three people. police busted the suspect in the suburb of grandview based partially on witness tips. word of another major security breach involving credit card data. this time at the michael's, the company reports hackers may have stolen information on more than
12:32 pm
2.5 million credit and debit cards. target reported similar attacks last year. cops in huntsville, alabama, are looking for the person who left a bmw on the train track. a train smashed right into it. the driver could face charges for leaving the scene of an accident. we'll have much more from the news deck right after this.
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12:34 pm
updating the crisis in ukraine. another big setback in hopes for a peaceful solution. pro-russian fighters refusing to leave the government buildings they took over. that despite russia agreeing the rebels should put down their weapons. pro-russian forces still control government buildings in the eastern cities in ukraine. including the ones you see her on the map behind me now. western officials say russian troops are attentioned along the border on the other side. 40,000 strong. and despite yesterday's peace deal in geneva, russia's
12:35 pm
president putin did not appear to be backing down. putin called eastern ukraine the new russia and claimed russia has a right to use force if needed. going to bring in elliott abrams, a president bush's deputy national security adviser. good day to you, sir, and thank you for your time. >> good to be here. >> you say at the moment, advantage putin. how so? >> absolutely. look, the is going to guess the sanctions removed. he gets to keep crimea. he is going to get a federal ukraine, part of the deal where the people in the east, who are really supporting him, have a lot of influence on what goes on in the whole country so he keeps kiev away from the european union, shows everyone in eastern europe and the former soviet countries he is in the cat bird's seat. >> why will sanction dozen away? that our strongest hand. >> i think that's right but europeans are not all that strong on the sanks,
12:36 pm
particularly the germans. part of the deal i bound to be that he does not invade with his army in return for which the sanctions start to disappear. and he keeps crimea. and what price does he pay for having invaded and seizing crimea? nothing. >> that's the long game you see. >> that's right. i think in the short run he is clearly winning. the question for the long game is really up to us. do we strength nato? could be have more west european and american forces in places like poland and lithuania, estonia. do we make putin pay a price? yesterday in the press conference he was happy as a clam. >> the phrase, the new russia. i think that sends a strong install about his intentions. how do you think this administration is happening -- handling this at the moment? >> at the moment i would have to say not so well because there is
12:37 pm
a sense throughout this that he just has not paid a price. okay. nobody wants identifying to break out -- fighting to break out. the question is the medium tomorrow, like the end of the year, next year. do we strengthen nato? get the europeans to move away from russian oil and gas and reasserting western independence from russia. we don't know the answers yet to those questions. >> we could do that if we had the conversation and if the europeans had the will. correct? >> that's right. and if we have the will. nato is partly up to us. for example, are we going to put an american troops presence on the ground in our nato allied countries. not ukraine but poland, czech, baltic states. they would like to have an american military presence. >> onemer question in the near term. how long with the new government in kiev put up with these individuals occupying these buildings in their country.
12:38 pm
>> aver good question. -- a very good question. they're afraid. we should be telling them you can restore law and order and we he to push putin. he is behind all this. these are russian backed forces. >> thank you for your time. good to have you on today. today also marks one of christianity's most important day of the year, people marking good friday by commemorating jesus christ's death on a cross. here in new york city, the cardinal timothy dolan took part in the 18th annual way of the cross progression over the brooklyn bridge. at the vatican the pope presided over the ceremonies and christian pilgrims watched the cobblestone streets of jerusalem. a beautiful sight today in jerusalem's old city. >> powerful earthquake today shook central and southern
12:39 pm
mexico, sending people rushing out in the street in a panic. video shows trees swaying as the magnitude 7.2 quake rattled mexico city. u.s. geologists say it lasted 30 seconds no reports of any major damage or injuries but geologists say the epicenter was northwest of acapulco where many americans are viking. one woman was having breakfast with her family hen her hotel started to shake. she says people were turning over chairs, grabbing children, and trampling each other to get outside. >> brand new fox polling shows how many americans still want to know who is behind the irs targeting of conservative groups and how many say the white house had a hand in that. >> we'll break down the numbers with chris wallace. he is next here. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor,
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toronto's crack smoke mayor sis despite all the rocky moments over the past year and despite what the critics are saying he will fight harder than ever to hang on to his job and -- in toronto. >> me message couldn't be clearer. i won't back down. >> that was the mayor taking off his -- kicking off his re-election bid, telling supporteres he learned a lot about humility. folks lined up to by the basketballhead to raise money for hi campaign. he trails in the polls but he still believes he is the right man for the job in his city. almost half of you say the irs targeting of conservative groups was no accident. that's according to our fox news polling. 49% says the white house intentionally had the agency go after the groups. 41% say it was not intentional.
12:44 pm
67% says congress should keep investigating the irs until someone is held accountable. chris wallace is live in washington. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you. >> i'm fine. thank you for your time. the numbers tell you.what may happen here on the investigative side? >> well, it certainly gives some motivation, some propulsion to the effort by house republicans to continue to investigate these. democrats are saying, the investigation is all over, we heard president obama tell bill pole reilly in the super bowl there wasn't a smidgen of contribution with the irs. the public doesn't belief and it they don't believe this began and ended with a mid-level bureaucrat lois lerner who a year ago none of us ever heard of.
12:45 pm
gives impetus to the house oversight committee and ways and means to continue an investigation. whether its will result in investigating by the yates depth within the obama administration that's another question. >> a great opinion at -- great point at the end. that gives people like darrell issa more fuel to continue. how and when do you see this resolving itself? >> well, you know, it looks pretty clear that lois lerner is going to refuse to testify, and some republican in the house said both ways and means and issa's committee have blown this and should have given lois lerner immunity that she can't be prosecuted for anything she tells the committee. but to give her use immunity so he has to testify about the committee, if she commits perjury, lows, she can be prosecuted for that, and ask
12:46 pm
her, did this begin and end with you or were you getting strucks, whether from higher up in the irs, people in the treasury department, the white house, or, as we have seen, a lot of pressure from some democratic senators, like durbin and live victim and -- levin and schumer who said you need to investigate these groups. >> we polled on benghazi, do you belief the obama administration is being open and transparent? 61% say they're trying to cover something up. another poll, we asked whether or not congress should continue to investigate the administration's handle offering the attack in benghazi. 60% say yeah. those numbers clearly tell you that people believe there is still a mystery here, and that mystery needs to be solved. >> yes. it certainly tells you that. i think this as opposed to the irs is much harder to pursue. there are facts on the ground we know about that lois lerner, the
12:47 pm
e-mail exchanges she was involved in. so she seems to be a target of opportunity for the investigators. i'm not quite sure what more can be done in this investigation. you have had mike burrell testify. people are not satisfied with his answers. you heard from hillary clinton. a lot of people not satisfied with her testimony. you can call her back but i'm not sure what different account she would give. so i'm not sure we'll ever hit pay dirt and satisfy people as to what went on in benghazi, before, during and of. not so day there aren't questions to ask can. i'm not sure we'll ever get satisfactory answers. >> enjoy the weekend. see you on sunday. >> thank you. >> fox news sunday, talking about the crisis in ukraine with russia's ambassador to the u.s. and also chris will have a special guest for easter sunday, the archbishop of washington. fox news sunday. check your tv listings for the
12:48 pm
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here's the fox report. headlines from the fox news deck. crews looking for the missing malaysia airlines jet have had no luck with the u.s. navy's robotic submarine. it's been more than six weeks since the jet, carrying 239 people, went missing. iran's president says his country isn't trying to start a war and that it won't invade any other country. the remarks made by has sad a want any came during a military
12:52 pm
parade. this policy is a big change from the last president who said israel should be wiped off the map. >> be hold the horseless came on display at the new york auto show. the mayor of new york says he hopes the electric powered vehicles will replace the horse-drawn carriages in central park and claims it's more humane. >> have a great weekend. newly released 9-1-1 calls reveal the terror at the scope of a deadly headon trash between a fedex semi and a bus packed with high school seniors. images showed both vehicles in flames. witnesses heard a series of explosions as a huge fire ball shoot into the air, burning passengers, climbing out of broken windows. in one 9-1-1 call, you can hear a student struggling to describe the horrific scene over the screams of other riders in the background.
12:53 pm
we crashed into a fedex truck. >> is this on southbound i-5? >> i don't know where we are. >> are you still on the bus or off the bus? >> i'm on the bus. i'm on fire. >> can you just -- with one or two words tell me what the bus hit? >> the bus hit a fedex truck. the fedex truck hit us. >> head-on? >> yes. >> in the end, ten people died, including both drivers. five students. school officials say one student was a hero who spent his final moments saving the lives of other teenagers. they say he broke a window at the front of the bus as it filled with smoke, and lift people outside. the school officials say the students were from the l.a. area on their way to tour humboldt state university, in northern california. school officials say the students were from low-income homes, and that some were hoping to be the first in their family
12:54 pm
to go to college. will carr is live in our news room in l.a. what more do we hear in those unbelievable and dramatic 9-1-1 calls? >> well, bill, we really hear just how chaotic it was in the seconds right after this crash. on the one hand you had students running away from the bus right before it exploded. on the other, witnesses from nearby cars and neighborhoods running towards the scene, seeing if they could help and seeing exactly what was going on. listen to one witness describe the aftermath to a dispatcher. >> more than 30 people injured, many going to local hospitals.
12:55 pm
ten were killed and authorities say it could have potentially had a higher fay tall count if students had not been able to break open wins and get out. >> there's been a lot of reporting how it happened. what's the latest. >> authorities are being very tight-lipped and don't want to speculate what caused this. what they have done is recreated the moments that led up to the crash. they want city if they can figure out exactly what happened. they do say, though, that to get some answers it's probably going to take between three and six months, really not the timeline that many of the families are looking for. >> our best to them. thank you, will. will carr in los angeles. just in, president obama signing a law that makes sure that no accused terrorist gets to serve in the united nations, after a tense back and forth with iran over the country's deployment of a u.n. rep who user officials say has terror ties. the diplomat linked to the group
12:56 pm
behind the iran hostage crisis in 199. -- 1979. claim he was just the group's translator. the president has signed it as of a moment ago. let's get a quick break and we'll be right back on this in -- this good friday. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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on this day in 1906 the san andreas fault triggered a deadly quick that nearly leveled all of san francisco. it happened just before dawn, magnitude 8.0. toppling buildings, splitting roads, smashing fires. crews battled the flames amid several aftershocks. people felt the quake from l.a. to the state of oregon. in all 3,000 people died. much of the city was rebuilt within a year of the devastation but the great quake rocked san francisco 108 years ago today. make sure you have a great
1:00 pm
weekend. and happy easter. see you again on monday out of boston, massachusetts, for the running of the boston marathon. i'm in for shepard myth. "your world" starts right now. remember dr. evil telling his son to zip it? now democrats are being told to zip it. i thought that was a very good impression. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and ixnay on the recovery-ay. two top democratic strategists warning candidates they better steer clear of the very word recovery. they say it's a political looser because so many people are still hurting. we thought we'll come up with words to replace recovery. how about down and outer-y.


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